Budget & Evaluation

Budget & Evaluation

Budget and Evaluation Division operates under the direction of the City Manager's office. The Budget staff works to enhance City Management and City Council decision-making by preparing the City of High Point Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Budget within the general statutes of the State of North Carolina. The Budget Division actively serves departments and citizens by recommending appropriate measures to ensure the most cost-effective use of public resources.    

In addition to budget preparation, the division provides productivity evaluations and recommendations, assists departments in attaining performance objectives, evaluating administrative policy and ordinance compliance, performing special projects, and conducting periodic audits verifying proper safeguarding of municipal assets and proper program operations. 


2014-2015 Adopted Budget by Sections 

Entire Adopted Budget Document

 Cover and Table of Contents  2014-2015 Adopted Budget
 Manager's Message  
 General Fund                 
 General Debt Service and General Capital        
 Water-Sewer and Electric Funds  
 Solid Waste and Stormwater Funds  
 Central Service and Other Funds  
 Capital Improvement Program  


Eric Olmedo

Budget & Performance Manager
(336) 883-3018


 Laura Altizer
Senior Budget Analyst
(336) 883-3296


Roslyn McNeill
Budget Analyst
(336) 883-3295

High Point Budget & Evaluation

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