Hartley Dr. Extension

West Hartley Drive Extension from North Main to Westover

Week of July 15th 2013

We will continue to prepare roadway for last layer of asphalt. Rain amounts have slowed down this process considerably. Extra roadwork on Ingleside is being done to improve the asphalt surface for the opening of Hartley project.





Week of July 1, 2013

Bridge construction will be nearing its end. Last layer of surface asphalt will be placed soon along with pavement markings. Stay tuned for opening date!!!!

Week of 6/17/2013

This week all contractors will be working aggressively to complete asphalt, bridge, seeding, etc.

Main Street will be very busy with asphalt paving crew resurfacing and pavement markings going down.

Week of 6/10/2013

Main Street has been milled and is under construction for new islands and cross walks to be poured along with signal loops prior to asphalt placement.

The Bridge approach's have been poured and expansion joints are being installed prior to completion of roadway tie-in.




Week of 3/11/2013

Weather permitting, we will do another bridge deck concrete pour. Sidewalk and island concrete pours are taking place, as well as backfilling and dressing up behind curb and gutter.


Week of 2/25/2013

This week we will be preparing bridge deck for concrete pour. There may also be sidewalk and island concrete pours.




Week of 2/18/2013

This week we will try to get some asphalt down along with curb and gutter. We also will get more seeding accomplished between rain patterns.








Week of 2/11/2013

We will be experiencing more rain this week that will hamper our progress. We did get some curb and gutter down prior to this rain event.


Week of 2/4/2013

This week we are pouring sidewalk as well as placing base asphalt, taking advantage of the warmer temperatures


Week of Jan 21, 2013


Too wet to work



Week of Jan 1st, 2013


Too wet to work this week.


Week of Jan the , 2013


We have placed a considerable amount of Asphalt to this date from Ingleside to Westover. City of Highpoint Electric Dept along with Pike and North State have set poles and pulled wires and cables at Westover and continue to date. We are Grading road from Ingleside to Bridge, while moving out more unneeded soil. The Bridge work as progressed to decking stage which is being prepared for a concrete pour with-in the next few weeks. Work on Main St. side of Hartley will begin again when warmer weather breaks.






 Week of Thanksgiving

We have seen significant progress on Hartley. In these aerial photos you can see the progress to date.


Aerial View12


Aerial View51


Week of 10/29/2012

Grading work is taking place on Main Street and Hartley, Ingleside Drive and Westover. On Main street a turning lane will be graded out with curb and gutter installed. Ingleside has a new traffic pattern in order to bring up the grade. Westover will have lots of dump trucks hauling in and out of the project site.





Week of 9/10/2012

This week we will have crews laying storm pipe on Westover. Westover will be temporarily diverted for Monday only in order to install storm pipe. Road signs and Flaggers will be out to direct traffic around work site area.

                                     * PLEASE SLOW DOWN*




We are also monitoring the diverted creek wetland area.


Week of 8/20/2012

This week we will start the process of diverting the creek into the 60" RCP pipe installed. Some phase 2 erosion control measures have to be taken. This will allow us to start a massive fill section to get to grade.







More sidewalk and handicap ramps will be poured on existing Hartley side.


Week of 8/13/2012

This week the wall pieces will be installed and completed.



Sidewalk is also being formed and poured on existing Hartley Drive.



The End Bents 1 and 2 will be built up to grade this week and possibly next week as well.


Week of 8/6/2012

We are still building up asphalt on existing Hartley as well as curb and gutter and sidewalk. More Clearing has taken place on the Westover side of the project with some erosion control in place.


This week preparations have been made to start placing partitions at proposed noise wall.



Week of 7/30/2012

This week we installed the concrete girders on the bridge. They were placed upon the caps and secured. A 500 ton crane was brought in order to hoist the 109,000 pounds of each girder to its position. There are 9 girders at 114 feet long that span the caps.






Meanwhile the wetland mitigation area had been seeded and the area vegetation came up looking very nice



The Westover side of the project continues with clearing and grubbing.


Week of 7/23/2012

Clearing and Grubbing are also underway headed on to Westover Drive. Some work will consist of traffic control at Westover Dr.


Work still progresses on the existing Hartley side of the project. Storm pipe, curb and gutter, and asphalt are being placed as we proceed to Main Street.


The Bridge caps are complete and are ready for the concrete girders to be put in place. End Bent 1 will be constructed in order for the crane to maneuver from its platform. The girders will be delivered in approximately 2 weeks.



Erosion Control methods are in place to divert the stream into the new channel and 60" RCP pipe. The conservation area has been temporarily sewn with millet seed to get vegetation started. The Rock Cross Vane, and Stream Bank Stabilization are also installed.





Week of 7/16/2012

More Storm pipe is being installed , especially across driveways.


The Bridge Cap on End Bent 1 is being poured this week also.



A meeting was held with Environmental Engineer to discuss the process of building a Rock Cross Vane.



Week of 6/25/2012


Bridge construction is progressing. One of the caps formed and poured last week will have those forms removed and reinstalled on the other set of columns. Erosion control measures are still being applied per phase and sequence per plan.




Segmented block walls will be constructed on existing Hartley Drive.




And the 60" pipe culverts with reinforced end walls will be installed.






Week of 6/18/2012


Construction on the Bridge is progressing. The caps may be poured this week, at least on the west side.



Erosion Control methods are in there 2nd phase. Basin # 12 is in place and diversion channels are being constructed. At that time the 60" RCP pipe will be installed.


The construction of existing side of Hartley will proceed on towards Main Street with storm pipe, curb and gutter, and asphalt.



Week of 6/11/2012

We will be in Main Street for this part of the construction. We also will be in Ingleside installing Storm pipe, water pipe has already been installed. At station 53+85 the blasting should be complete and the sewer line construction will start back up. The Bridge work is progressing, they are forming to pour concrete caps on each side.









Week of 5/21/2012

We are reworking Storm pipe details and elevations on existing Hartley Drive. The sewer work involved at creek crossing is experiencing rock that will have to be blasted to continue.


Hartley 303




Erosion Control measures are being used in order to accomplish sewer line relocation.



Roadwork and Asphalt placement will take place this week on Existing West Hartley Drive.










Week of 5/14/2012


We will try and get started on the sewer line relocation at 53:85 station tomorrow morning. This morning we will inspect the erosion control to make sure it is working properly, make sure all road signs are up and try to start again Tuesday morning. The sewer line relocation is the most important item for this week. I am posting some photos of last week;


This is storm 30" RCP pipe at station 45:50




This is a Temporary Stream Crossing at station 53:85




Week of 5/7/2012

This week we will have started drilling the bridge Bent 2 piers.


Erosion Control measures will continue on to Basin # 11 A.


When we have Basins 9,10,11 A complete we will then start the sewer and storm pipe construction.


On Hartley and Main we have started the storm water construction and also will start the curb and gutter this week and if weather permitting we will place asphalt base.










Week of 4/30/2012

This week the cranes will have been assembled and work on the bridge will begin. They will start by drilling for piers on the Bents of the bridge.

Erosion control measures are still in progress so basins 9,10,11 A will be constructed near the 60 " concrete pipe area and creek crossing.

Construction on the Main Street & W. Hartley Dr. will continue with storm pipe and grading.








Week of 4-16-2012

This week we will start work on West Hartley Dr. at the cul-de-sac. Temporary slope drains will be installed from structure 18 and storm pipes and catch basins we be installed headed in easterly direction.


On Ingleside Dr. we will have installed more erosion control and a construction entrance. We will ease into phase 2 of the project and continue in a westerly direction with clearing and grubbing.






The drilling for piers on walls continues on as well






On to the 60 "







Week of 4/9/2012

This week we will move to the second sound wall and start drilling and setting piles for this one.

Erosion control measure are continuing;

Basin #1 is almost complete.

Basin 8 A has had the trees cleared and will be started this week.

We may also start the clearing phase 2 headed west of Ingleside once this basin is constructed.


Progress pictures;



The End Bents fill sections on both sides for the bridge have been built up. Drilling rig and crane are at second wall location this morning at the top right hand side of this hill in above picture.



This photo is the permanent Basin #1 almost complete.


Week of 4/2/2012

More Erosion Control, Surveying, and Hauling of Unclassified Soils.


Drilling Holes and Placement of Piles for Sound Barrier Wall at Ingleside Street location.


Week of 3/26/2012

Construction of Basin # 1 will take place this week and into next week.

Hauling out of soil and rough grading of road will take place.

A Terex Crane will come in on Ingleside Rd for the constructing of noise barrier wall.


Hartley 93


Hartley 91


Erosion Control measure will be constructed through out project and maintained.

Hartley 94


Hartley 97


Week of 3/19/2012

This week we will have dump trucks hauling from both locations;

West Hartley Dr. and Ingleside Dr.

Some clearing of trees will take place on Westover.

More erosion control measures will be put in place as well as seeding and mulching.


* Heavy Equipment will be on roadways coming to and leaving work site.*


Week of 3/12/2012

Armoring of the Creek Bank

Erosion Control

Clearing and Grubbing


These items will be addressed this week. Heavy equipment will be entering and exiting job site from 8 am to 4 PM daily.

There will be a meeting with NCDWQ on Wednesday at 2 PM near station 53+85 to discuss mitigation, erosion control and clearing limits.

 Hartley 88


Hartley 80


Week of 3-5-2012

Trucks will be hauling unclassified from Ingleside to W. Hartley. There will be a considerable amount of Dump trucks coming in and out.


Sewer line replacement at station 31+00 ( approximately) will take place this week.


Survey Staking will be taking place.


Basin #4 of the erosion control will be constructed this week along with armoring the creek bank.


Signs will be place at trails where the bridge work is taking place in addition to safety fence

          " Pedestrians and Bicycles Are Not Allowed During Construction"

Heavy equipment will be in use for the duration of the project.





Week of 2/20/2012

The snow this week will hamper efforts to get in on job.

Erosion control will be checked


Week of 2/23/2012

This week we will check our erosion control after all the rain we had this weekend. We will begin our Basins 9,10,11 A at station 53:85 so that we may divert the creek in preparation for rerouting sewer line. The work on the walls and drilled piles should be completed this week. A 100 ton crane has been brought in and will be erected to start on the piles for the bridge. On West Hartley at YMCA, storm pipe being installed. Heavy equipment and pipe will be up and down the roadway edges. We may elect to have floggers at times. PLEASE DRIVE THROUGH CONSTRUCTION ARES WITH CAUTION!!!!!







Week of 2/27/2012

Construction on West Hartley side at Cul-de-sac will be more heavily with trucks coming in and out. A large section of this will be undercut so the End Bent 1 can be installed for the bridge. Sewer pipe will also be replaced with Ductile Iron pipe in order to strengthen this section of outfall where piles will be driven to sustain bridge.

The rain expected this week will be a factor again in our progress.


Hartley 58


Hartley 60


Week of 2/13/2012

Work this week will include the following;

Construction of skimmer basins

Erosion control fencing

Staking of ponds

Removal of unused soil

Hartley 45

Hartley 48


Week of 2/6/2012

Heavy work will be concentrated on Ingleside DriveHartley Construction




Erosion Control, Work Zone Signs, Heavy Truck Hauling will be underway this week.

Work will also begin on West Hartley Drive at Cul-de-sac. Clearing and erosion control, and some surveying .


Week of 1/30/2012

Weather did not permit work to be done last week, we will begin again this week with the same work load plus;

City of High Point Electric are on West Hartley Drive relocating power poles.

Private Individuals are relocating Lamp Lights and Business signs

Heavy Equipment will be moving in on job site at Ingleside Drive and West Hartley.

Work will begin at cul-de-sac installing construction entrance. Some clearing on Ingleside and a construction entrance installed there as well.

Traffic Control signs and barrels will be put out this week.

Erosion Control measures will continue as clearing and grubbing progress.

The meeting is still scheduled with Army Core of Engineers this Thursday at 10 am on West Hartley Drive.


Week of 1/23/2012

Temporary Safety Fence is up at YMCA

Weather permitting;

Work will begin at cul-de-sac installing construction entrance. Some clearing on Ingleside and a construction entrance installed there as well.

Traffic Control signs and barrels will be put out this week.

Erosion Control measures will continue as clearing and grubbing progress.


Week of 1/16/2012

A meeting will be held at 9:00 am with construction inspector and contractor superintendent to discuss work beginning.


The following work will start;

Installing project traffic signs

Survey control staking

Flagging of control limits

Phase 1 Erosion Control will begin

Pavement Markings.pdf


Week of 1/09/2012

A pre construction meeting was held to discuss job details. There will be another scheduled meeting on 2/02/2012 held on west end at YMCA with contractor and other agencies involved. Some staking by surveyors is being done this week.


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