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Capturing the Energy

The City Project is a nonprofit, grassroots initiative that seeks to promote the growth and revitalization of the city's 11-square-mile urban core through a public-private collaboration to generate the return of people, businesses and services to create an urban style of living; to identify and develop incentives, initiatives and funding; and to serve as a resource to energize neighborhood reinvestment.

Together, we can create an urban area that symbolizes economic health, local quality of life, and community pride.

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The New...

Drive down Main Street, and you might notice a new mural or two....maybe a couple new businesses....a spruced up property. Look around....there's a new energy in the air. People in High Point want options. For those of you who love the idea of being able to walk from home to shop or to work or to get a bit to eat.....we want that too. Check out what's happening.

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