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Lisa VierlingThe City Clerk provides administrative and information services to City Council, its Committees, Boards, and all City departments and the citizens of High Point to facilitate good rule and efficient government of the City. The department contributes to good government by conveying the decisions of Council for action or information; and ensuring accurate recording of proceedings of City Council, Committees and Public Hearings; providing records management services, including storage and retrieval of records; maintaining and preserving public and private historical records of the City; educating the public on City history; to act as a Secretariat to Council, its Committees and Boards. This involves the preparation of agenda packages for meetings of Council, standing and special committees and boards; recording meeting proceedings; and the safekeeping and preservation of meeting minutes, by-laws, civic agreements and other related official documents. The division also facilitates communication between Council, staff and the public, including providing information on interpretation of Council and committee decisions. The division also provides research services on Council and committee minutes, actions and by-laws to Council, staff and the public, and the preservation of historical public records and private papers relating to the City of High Point. The City Clerk is responsible for appraisals, acquisitions, accessions and cataloguing of historical records. These records are available to the public and the City for research and administrative purposes.

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