Below is an excerpt from a newspaper article and info from the company’s website about a new dairy opening in High Point.




Dairy Fresh opens in High Point

By Heath E. Combs

February 18, 2006


HIGH POINT – A Superbrand Dairy shut down by the bankrupt Winn-Dixie will reopen later this year to supply one of its grocery store competitors.

Karen Leonard, manager of the N.C. Employment Security Commission, said Friday her agency received about 30 job orders from Dairy Fresh Inc. for jobs at the facility located at 1350 W. Fairfield Road.


Dairy Fresh, a Winston-Salem, N.C., subsidiary of Dean Foods, supplies all Food Lion-brand ice creams, said Jeff Lowrance, a corporate spokesman for Salisbury-based Food Lion.

·         Dean Foods is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the country. We are the largest processor and distributor of milk and other dairy products.

·         Through our WhiteWave Foods division, we are also the nation's leading manufacturer of soymilk, organic milk and other organic foods.

·         We operate more than 100 plants in the United States, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain, and employ more than 27,000 people.

·         Dean Foods’ Dairy Group generated nearly $9 billion in sales in 2004. Of this total, 55 percent was generated by more than 30 well-established local and regional dairy brands —including Dairy Fresh.

·         Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based Dairy Fresh generated about $125 million in annual revenues through the processing of milk and ice cream products.