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The Electric Department works hard to provide excellent customer service to all of our customers. We have adopted the Customer Service Initiative Plan that is providing each employee with the tools to assist all of our customers' needs with one phone call. Please feel free to browse our site and submit a suggestion or comment regarding this site or any other concern that we might be able to help you resolve.


Mission Statement of the City of High Point Electric Department

The mission of the City of High Point Electric Department is to operate the electric system as a business for the benefit of all the city's residents. In serving its customers, the department will use technology which meets current electrical codes and which provides reliable service so that outages do not significantly affect the city's economic well-being or cause discomfort for its residents. The department will treat its customers with the utmost courtesy and empathy, and will attempt to meet their individual service needs while maintaining a consistent level of service for all.

To accomplish its mission, the Electric Department has adopted the following standards.

Standards of Service

New Electrical Service If all equipment is available, the department will connect new or transferring customers on the same day they request service. If equipment must be installed, the department will complete the work within one week of the customer's request.

Restoration of Electrical Service The department will restore electrical service lost due to failure of a single piece of equipment within three hours. Service to areas with fewer than three residential customers will be restored within four hours.

Temporary Removal /Reconnection of Service Within four hours of notification, the department will temporarily remove or reconnect electrical service.

Service Options Customers will be given information about levels of service available, such as underground versus overhead lines. If customers request service options which are more expensive or are different from those recommended be the department, they must pay the additional cost and/or assume liability for those services.

Repair of Rented Area Lights and Street Lights Rented lights will be repaired within two working days after customers notify the department of problems. Street lights will be repaired within five working days.

Relocation of Poles and Underground Lines If a city electric customer's development plans require moving utility poles, the department will relocate the poles to the nearest property line at no charge. Customers will be required to pay for additional pole relocation based on the net cost of the facilities depreciated over five years.

The customer will be required to pay actual cost of relocating underground lines.

Locating Underground Lines The department will locate underground lines within one working day of receiving the request. Emergency requests will be answered immediately.

Credit Policies Customers who have legitimate financial hardships and cannot pay their utility bills on time will be given reasonable extensions

Standards of System Operation and Maintenance

Voltage: The Electric Department will abide by standards established in the American National Standard for Utility Voltage (C84.1-1982_. Service conductors will be designed to prevent voltage drops of more than three percent. Customer deliveries will be designed to prevent voltage flicker of more than three percent.

Meter Accuracy: The Electric Meter shop will test meters for accuracy on a regular schedule, according to North Carolina Utilities Commission guidelines, and will maintain a system wide meter accuracy of 99.8%, within a standard deviation of 0.3%.

Meter Reading: Each electric and water meter will be read monthly. The department will continue to emphasize accuracy in meter reading, so that no more than 20 utility accounts need adjusting each month.

Street Lights: Average street lighting levels in the central business district will be five foot candles; along major thoroughfares will be two foot candles; along collector street will be one foot candles; and along residential streets will be one half foot candles. Uniformity ratios will be better than five to one, and street lights will be placed within 30 feet of all intersections.

Tree trimming: The department will strive to trim or remove trees which interfere with utility lines on a three year cycle, so that tree-related trouble calls can be kept to a maximum of five each year, unless caused by severe storms.


Standards of Department Management

Employee Training and Development: The department will provide ongoing training programs in job skills and cross training to encourage employee development.

Revenues: The department will generate funds to pay annual operating costs, capital traditionally funded by revenues, and debt service on bonds issued to pay for capital improvements. Annual revenues will also be used to maintain a fund balance or contingency reserve of at least five percent and to transfer to the General Fund not less than six percent of the depreciated book value of Electric Fund fixed assets plus bonded indebtedness.

The percent of non-collectable revenues on accounts, which are more than three years old, will be less than 0.3%.

Long Range Plan: The department will maintain a line range plan for electrical load expansion through new construction and for replacement of deteriorated facilities.

Cooperation: The Electric Department will cooperate with other city departments to provide efficient, effective services.

Information: The department will inform its employees, management, City Council, and citizens about its efforts to provide safe, cost efficient electrical service.



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