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How much does it cost to ride the bus?
Regular fare is $1.00. The elderly with Hi tran, GTA, WSTA reduced fare identification cards, or a picture ID with a birth date verifying that you are 60 or older, the disabled with Hi tran, GTA, or WSTA reduced fare identification cards, and Medicare Card holders ride for 50 cents.  Transfers are free. Children under 43" in height ride free (limit 3 per paying adult).

Will the driver make change if I don't have the exact fare?
No. Exact fare is required. If you do not have the exact fare you will be given the choice of a card issued from the fare box that will allow you to use the bus in the future or a green coupon that will allow you to get your change back the following business day after 9 am from the Transit Operations Center located at 716 W. Kivett Drive. Please let the driver know in advance if you do not have the exact fare. 

Other than cash fare, how can I pay the bus fare?
Hi tran offers $1.00 Tickets, $5.00 tickets, $10 tickets, and 30-Day Passes. $5, $10 tickets, and 30-Day passes may be purchased at the booth at the Hi tran terminal. $1.00 tickets may only be purchased at the Hi tran office (716 West Kivett Drive). Please note the expiration date on the ticket. 

When do the buses run?

The buses run from 5:45 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. Hi tran provides additional transportation from the Broad Avenue Terminal at 6:00 p.m. 6:30 pm.,.and 7:00 p.m. for PART riders coming from North High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem and Hi tran riders coming in at 5:45 p.m., 6:15 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. Vans will take you from the Broad Avenue Terminal to the bus stop closest to your destination. The buses also operate from 8:45 am to 5:15 pm on Saturdays. There is no Sunday service.

What time is the earliest bus?
The earliest buses leave the transfer center at 5:45 am. 

Where can I catch the bus?
There are many bus stops throughout the city. Bus stop signs have a picture of the front of a bus and blue lettering on a white background. Stand at the stop, and the bus operator will stop to pick you up. On certain routes there are flag stops. In these instances stand at a location and as you see the bus approach signal the driver that you would like to board.  For specific information about the stop closest to you, call the transit information line at 336-889-7433 (TDD 336-883-8517). 

Do the buses run on holidays?
Hi tran does not operate on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

I lost an item on the bus. How can I get it back?
At the end of each day, bus operators turn in all items left on the bus. You may call 336-889-7433 to see if we have the item. 

Where is the Hi tran terminal?
The terminal is located at 201 West Broad Avenue (located between North State Communications and the railroad tracks). 

Where can I get a bus schedule?
Bus schedules are on the buses, at the terminal, in the Collections office on the second first floor of City Hall, the Employment Security Commission, the Outpatient Clinic (624 Quaker Lane D-301), High Point Regional Hospital, Roy B. Culler Senior Center, Guilford County Mental Health, Guilford County Health Department, Oak Hollow Mall, The Jobs Market (902 Greensboro Road), High Point Visitors and Convention Center, Job Links, GTCC, S. Main, GTCC Jamestown, Guilford County Department of Social Services, High Point University, and Neal Austin Public Library. We can also mail you a schedule if you wish. 

How do I let the bus operator know that I wish to get off?
Each bus has a pull cord that runs along the top of the window on each bus. Pull the cord approximately one block before you wish to exit the bus. 

I have looked at the schedule and realize that the bus I catch does not take me to my destination, but there is another bus that will. Do I have to pay a second fare?
Hi tran realizes that some trips will require a rider to use two (2) buses. When you board the first bus, you will need to pay the appropriate fare and ask the operator for a transfer to the other route you need. Remember to ask for your transfer immediately. Transfers will not be issued at any other time during your trip. 

What happens if I miss my transfer?
If you miss your transfer because the bus was running late, either the driver will fix your transfer so that you can catch the next available bus, or Hi tran will make arrangements to get you to your destination. 

How do I know what route the bus is traveling?
Each bus has a destination sign on the front and right side of the bus that identifies the route the bus travels. 

How can I make suggestions or comments about the operators and/or service?
Click here to fill out our online comments form. If you prefer, you can call Hi tran at 336-889-7433, and let the person who answers the telephone know that you wish to register a public comment. Please leave your name, address, and telephone number and be as specific as possible about the incident. We will investigate the incident, and respond to you as soon as possible. 

The buses do not start earlier enough or do not end late enough for my needs. What other transportation options are there?
Private providers such as Red Bird Cab Company (886-5001) and First Class Cab Company (885-1966) may be able to help you. 

Are Hi tran buses accessible to individuals with disabilities?
Yes. All Hi tran buses are low floor buses equipped with ramps at the front door for entry and exit and stop announcement systems. 

I am disabled and unable to ride the bus. What other transportation options are available to me?
Hi tran offers a complementary paratransit service called Dial-A-Liftfor individuals with disabilities that prevent them from riding the regular bus. 

I have never ridden the bus before. Is there someone who can help me understand the schedules and the routes?
Call Hi tran at 336-889-7433. Someone will be more than happy to assist you in using the system. Hi tran staff will even meet with individuals or groups to show you how to use the bus. 

How can I fill out an application to become a bus operator?
Applications for bus operators are taken on the 3rdFloor of City Hall at the Human Resources Department. Applications are kept in a "CDL Pool" so that as there are vacancies, qualified applicants are selected from this pool for interviews. 

Will Hi tran do special charters for groups?

No. Due to federal regulations that govern federally funded transit systems, Hi tran can not do charters 

Who are local charter providers?

Adventure Tours & Travel, America Charters LTD/Coach USA, Carolina American Tours, Christian Tours, Jesse Hill Tours, Inc., Holiday Tours Inc., Piedmont Coach Lines, Piedmont Transit Inc., Royal Tours, Inc., Triad Tours, Inc. Additional information on each of these companies can be found in the yellow pages of the phone book under Buses Charter & Rental.

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