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Household Garbage

auto garbage truckHousehold garbage is picked up once a week. (See Collection Map for your collection day.) Customers must use a City-approved roll-out garbage cart.

Solid waste collection begins at 7:00 a.m..

Rollout containers which are not out when the truck passes, will not be collected until the next regularly scheduled pickup day.

To buy a garbage cart:

  • Call Customer Service at 336-883-3111
  • bring $57 to the Collections office at City Hall, 211 S. Hamilton St., or
  • mail a check to PO Box 230, High Point, NC 27261.
  • Purchase online

Specify that you want a garbage cart and include your street address so that we can deliver it to your home.

If your cart will not hold all your garbage, you may purchase a second garbage cart.  A maximum of two (2) garbage carts per household will be collected.  All garbage must fit in carts.  No garbage outside the cart will be collected.

The City encourages residents to recycle to reduce their volume of garbage.  Roughly one-half of household garbage is recyclable. Do not place garbage in recycle carts.

Paint cans will be picked up only if they are empty or if the paint is completely dry - lids must be off for verification.  To dry paint, leave paint cans open for several days or mix in cat litter.  Take oil-based paints to a collection site. We cannot pick them up in your household garbage.

Your garbage, yard waste, and recycling carts have a ten (10) year warranty from date of purchase/delivery. If your cart is damaged or unserviceable and still under warranty, the Environmental Services Division will try to repair it for free. Call 883-3111 and let us know that you want us to try to repair your cart. Then wash out your cart and leave it at the curb. If your cart can not be repaired, you will need to buy a new cart.


Back door service is available on a once a week basis for garbage only (does not apply to yard waste or bulky item), provided that prior approval has been granted by the Environmental Services superintendent, who will require a valid medical verification for those persons who are unable to roll their rollout container to the curb. If someone in the house is physically able to roll the cart out, this service will not apply. The City shall reserve the right to periodically verify the need to continue physically disabled services to residents that have been approved to receive such services. The City shall reserve the right to continue or discontinue service. Backdoor recycling service is available every other week.



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