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recycling truckRecyclables will be picked up every other week from the curb on your regular garbage collection day. The collection map and schedule is posted below. Electronic Recycling is available in four locations in Guilford County.

Place your green recycling cart at the curb by 7 a.m. with your garbage cart. Since the collection is automated, the cart handle and wheels should face the house. Carts need to have a three (3) feet of clearance from all obstructions (other carts, mail boxes, shrubs, etc) and not blocked by cars.

The City is providing 95-gal recycling carts to residents. These carts belong to the City and must remain with the house they have been assigned to. If you move, leave the cart behind.HP Recycle Cart

It is recommended that residents place their recycling cart at the street when it is three-quarters (3/4) full or more. This improves the efficiency of the collection process.

Refer to the educational information on the lid of the cart for what is acceptable to place in the cart and what should not be placed in the cart.

Like garbage, all materials must be placed in the cart. If you have large boxes, break them down and drop them by one of the City's recycling drop-off centers. Call 883-3111 for the nearest location to you.

Do not mix garbage with recyclables in the cart. This increases the costs for sorting and disposal. If garbage is found in the recycling cart, a cart will be tagged and recorded for violating the City's Solid Waste Ordinance. Continued violations will result in the material not being collected and/or fines being issued.

Each residence has been provided with one (1) recycling cart. This cart has been specifically assigned to that address and must stay with the residence. If you have lots of recyclables, you may wish to purchase an additional recycling cart. There is a maximum of 2 carts serviced at each residence. To buy a 95-gallon recycling cart, bring $57 to the City Collector's office at 211 South Hamilton Street, purchase online or mail a check to: City Collector, P.O. Box 230, High Point, NC 27261.

Interactive Map of Every Other Week Recycling 
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