Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I bring to the landfill?
A: Household waste, construction debris, shingles, old appliances, pallets 

Q:  I pay taxes so why do I have to pay?
A:  The Kersey Valley Landfill does not run off of tax dollars. The landfill is operated by the monies it collects.
Q:  How is my monthly landfill fee used?
A:  The fee is used for new landfill development, closure of existing facilities and post closure care of facilities.
Q: Can I open a charge account? 
A: Yes. A credit application may be filled out. Once a credit check and reference check has been completed you will be notified if your application was accepted.
Q: Do you have a recycle area? 
A: We do not have a recycle area at the landfill, however, the City of High Point does have the
    Material Recovery Facility (Recycle Center) located at 5875 Riverdale Road.
Q:  Do you provide unloading service? 
A:  No. It is your responsibility to unload the vehicle.
Q: What can’t I bring to the landfill?
A: Paint, Oil, Liquid Waste, Hazardous Chemicals, Tires, Burnt Garbage, Brush, Limbs or  Leaves.
Q: Is it required that my load be tarped or covered?
A: We do not require the load to be covered however littering laws and Department of Transportation laws do apply to all citizens.
Q: What is the difference between a dump and a landfill?
A: Find out here.
If you have questions about unacceptable waste or any questions concerning the landfill please
call 336-883-3433 .

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