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Laboratory Services

E coli

Bill Frazier

Bill Frazier

Lab Manager

Contact Information

ph: 336.883.3415

fax: 336.883.3109

Our Mission...
The Water Quality Lab and Pretreatment Division will provide comprehensive analytical monitoring and reporting compliance with all permitted state, federal, and local laws.

Our Commitment To You.

The City of High Point has a state and federally certified testing program for your water that meets or exceeds all standards.  The water is tested as it is being collected in the watershed, during the treatment process, and also, after it is delivered to homes and businesses in our community.  Those results are presented in this report.

Source Water Assessment

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has conducted a Source Water Assessment of our drinking water source.  The purpose of the assessment was to determine the susceptibility of the drinking water source to potential contamination.

The assessment reported a susceptibility rating of "moderate" for both Oak Hollow Lake and High Point City Lake.  This rating does not imply poor water quality; rather, it signifies the system's potential to become contaminated.  The complete report may be viewed on the Web at

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