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 Public Services Department

Oak Hollow and City Lake

Oak HollowWhere Does Our Water Come From?

High Point's water comes from a 62 square mile area known as a watershed.

We do not have any large river systems, such as the Yadkin or Neuse River, to rely on.  As a matter of fact, we are the first to use water from the beginning, or headwaters, of a larger river system called the Cape Fear River.

Our water comes from rainfall and runoff in a area roughly bordered by U.S. Highway 421 on the north (above I-40), Main Street on the southwest, N.C. Highway 66 on the west, Montlieu Avenue on the southeast, and Guilford College Road on the east.

City Lake



The water collects in streams that flow together into what becomes the east and west forks of Deep River.  It is then collected and stored in our two lakes:  Oak Hollow and City Lake.  Before we can send the water to you, it needs to be treated to remove contaminants it has picked up on the way to our water supply lakes.


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