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 Public Services Department

Plants Maintenance

The mission of the Water & Sewer Maintenance Division is to manage, maintain and repair public infrastructure and equipment with the safety of the community as our primary responsibility.
Electrical Mechanics Electronics
The division performs maintenance on systems and equipment of the Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant, Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant Residuals Management and 24 sewage lift stations. Additional facilities maintained are Oak Hollow Raw Water, City Lake Raw Water, Sandy Ridge Booster pump station and several other facilities.

New Tank

 Current Projects


~Startup of the 1.0 million gallon elevated water tank at the Water Plant.


~Conversion from Sodium Hypochlorite to Chloramines water disinfection process at the Water Plant.


~Phase II & Phase III capacity upgrades at the Westside Wastewater Plant.


~Design of facility upgrade of the McKinley sewage lift station.

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