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On June 18, 2015 the City Council adopted changes to the City’s development fees that go into effect on August 3, 2015 with the implementation of the new Accela software system.

Many of the fee changes are structural in nature to reflect the changes that are occurring with the implementation of the new software system.  For example, the permit fees have been restructured for the permit types configured in Accela.  Another change is that current trade permit fees are based upon a count of plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, HVAC unit size, etc., while the new trade fees are flat and based on the number of inspection trips required for the work.

However, there are a few increases.  The fees associated with construction permits have not been revised since 2002.  At that time, the minimum permit fee was set at $40 for all types of work.  The new fee schedule increases the minimum permit fee for residential construction to $65 and $80 for commercial construction.  Over the counter trade permits have a $50 minimum for residential and $75 for commercial.  These minimums are comparable with area jurisdictions.  Also, due to increased public notification costs, application fees for zoning, special use and similar applications that require published notices have increased to offset some of those costs.

Several documents are attached to inform you of the fee changes.  First is the new Development Fee Schedule (PDF) that will go into effect on August 3.  Second, the Selected Fee Comparisons provides a selected number of common fees and compares them with similar fees from area jurisdictions.  And finally, the Fee Calculations illustrates how permit fees for new construction, additions and commercial alterations are calculated.  Please contact our office at 336-883-3328 if you have questions.

Development Fee Schedule (PDF) Click Here

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