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Permits must be obtained prior to beginning work. Exceptions will be made for emergency repair performed after business hours.

To obtain Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Zoning permits, contractors may apply at the Permits and Records Section, in the Inspection Services Division Office, or over the phone with a credit card.  Permit applications received before 4:00 p.m. will be processed and issued within 24 hours. Permits and Records staff will telephone the applicant with the permit number. In order to link permits together by project, Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Zoning permits for new buildings will only be issued after the issuance of the Master Building Permit. Electrical permits for temporary meters (saw services) may be issued at anytime.

Building permit applications will require an office visit to submit site plans and building drawings. The Department's "Guide for Services" outlines specific information, procedures, and documents needed.




Permits are required when building a new structure, adding on to an existing structure or renovating an existing structure. This section of the Inspection Services Division web site covers how to obtain a permit, how to call in for a permit, how to use the Hello System to arrange for an inspection and details minimum plot plan requirements for residential building permit applications or details  minimum plot plan requirements for commercial building permit applications.

It's just a  small job.


Do I Need a Permit?



If you are going to add an accessory building, carport, deck, fence, satellite dish, swimming pool, room addition, load-bearing work/repair or non-load bearing work of $5000 or more to your property, you must have a permit from the High Point Inspection Service's Division.


We've included some very general information about other regulations that may pertain to the structure you plan to put on your property. To be sure that you're following the City's regulations, discuss your project with someone in the Inspection Services Division. The phone number is 336-883-3151.



You need a permit for:


accessory buildings
If the accessory building is greater than 12 feet on any one side (measured horizontally), a permit is required. Accessory structures smaller than 12 feet on both sides do not require a permit, but do have to meet building setback requirements.

  • decks.
    The setback requirements for a deck depend on whether it is uncovered.
  • satellite dishes.
    Dishes greater than 18 inches in diameter require a permit, while smaller ones do not.
  • swimming pools.
    The required setback (from the property line) of a swimming pool depends on whether you want to place the pool beside the house or behind it.

Permits are issued to property owners or their responsible agents after they submit a permit application. For an application, visit the High Point Inspection Services Division on the third floor of City Hall, 211 S. Hamilton Street.; Along with the application, you need to bring a site plan or property survey and pay a permit fee. If all requirements are met, then a permit to allow construction is issued.

An accurate site plan or survey of the property is needed, in part, to protect you from making measurement errors regarding building setbacks. For instance, many homeowners believe that their front property line runs to the edge of the street. This is NOT the case. Often, the edge of the public right-of-way is in what appears to be the homeowner's yard. An accurate survey or site plan shows the line from which setbacks must be measured.

The site plan or survey should be a scaled drawing or blueprint that shows:

  1. dimensions of the property and proposed structure;
  2. where the structure will be placed on the property; and
  3. where the property lines end and the right-of-way begins.

Permit fees are based on the size and cost of construction, but the minimum is $40. (One exception: A fence permit fee can be as little as $10, depending on the cost of the fence.) Persons applying for a permit after the work has begun are charged a higher fee.

Have Questions?

Please contact the High Point Inspection Services Division (336-883-3151) if you have any questions about these structures or permit requirements for any type of work you might be doing on your property.




How to Use the Call-In Permit Line

In order to assist us in providing timely service, you must have the following information available before calling for your permits:

  1. The building permit number and/or the exact street address.
  2. Type of permit requested (type of trade, commercial or residential).
  3. Your City of High Point Contractor ID number. If you do not know your contractor number, check your bill. Your account number is your ID number. You may call the Permit Center at 336-883-3151. Please protect your ID number. Your Company will be responsible for permits obtained from its use.
  4. Name, address and phone number of the property owner.
  5. Type and number of fixtures, outlets, or equipment sizes requested. (Please refer to our trade permit applications for information required).


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