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Playground at Armstrong ParkHigh Point Parks & Recreation operates parks with a variety of sizes and amenities. Our Parks are open from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted.

For shelter reservations, please call 336-883-3469.

Sports Complexes

Neighborhood Parks
Mini Parks
Greenway System

Allen Jay Recreation Center & Park   See Map
1073 E. Springfield Road, High Point 336-883-3469
Features: Recreation Center, playground, lighted baseball and softball field with bleachers, lighted youth baseball field with bleachers, regulation baseball field with bleachers, lighted basketball court, 2 lighted tennis courts, restrooms/concession building, 2 picnic shelters.

Armstrong Park
  See Map

305 E. Parkway Avenue, High Point
Features: Playground - ADA accessible, lighted youth baseball field with bleachers, 2 picnic shelters, 2 unlighted tennis courts, restrooms.  

Bradshaw & Barker Street   See Map
1301 Bradshaw Street, High Point
Features: playground

Brentwood Park
See Map

1401 Brentwood Street, High Point 336-883-3514
Features: Two multipurpose athletic fields, maintenance complex.

Brockett Street Park See Map
1800 Brockett Street, High Point
Features: Playground and basketball

Burnett Park See Map
1105 Montlieu Avenue, High Point
Features: Playground, lighted softball field, lighted soccer field, bleachers, access to the Greenway, restrooms 

Cedrow Park  
See Map
1712 Cedrow Drive, High Point

Features: Playground, playfield, lighted baseball/softball field, unlighted basketball court, unlighted hard-surface play court, restrooms, and picnic shelter. 

Council Street Park   See Map 
1000 Council Street, High Point

Features: Two unlighted volleyball courts and an unlighted basketball court. 
Deep River Recreation Center & Park
  See MapDeep River Park Playground

1529 Skeet Club Road, High Point 336-883-3469
Features: Recreation Center, Two lighted baseball/softball fields, one lighted baseball field, three unlighted tennis courts, basketball court, playground, restrooms, concession building, picnic shelter, and an unlighted multipurpose athletic field.

Eastwood Park
  See Map
1600 Whitman Place, High Point 
Features: Playground, hard-surface play court, horseshoe pits, and picnic shelter.

Evans Street Park   See Map
900 block Evans at Vernon St., High Point    
Features: Basketball court, playground
Five Points Park   See Map
1114 Gordon Street, High Point 
Features: Playground, basketball court

Goldston Park
  See Map
1200 Cassell Street, High Point 
Features: Green space, picnic shelter, playground, basketball court.   

Harvell Park
  See Map

 1215 Lincoln Drive, High Point
Features: Playground, two lighted baseball/softball fields with bleachers, restrooms, and an unlighted basketball court.

Hedgecock Park
  See Map Athletic field and track at the High Point Athletic Complex
300 W. Parris Avenue, High Point
Features: Unlighted youth baseball field, and playground.

High Point Athletic Complex
   See Map

2920 School Park Road, High Point
Features: Baseball Field, 400-meter Track, Soccer Field, Multipurpose Athletic Field, Restroom/Concession Building.  Using the inside lane of the track, 4 laps = 1 mile.

High Point City Lake Park   See Map
602 W. Main Street, Jamestown 336-883-3498
Features: Outdoor swimming pool, gym, carousel, train, marina

Johnson Street Sports Complex
  See Map

4515 North Johnson St., High Point
Features: Lighted regulation baseball field with bleachers, three lighted youth baseball fields with bleachers, two lighted youth “T” ball fields with bleachers, playground, restrooms, picnic shelter, and concession building.

Johnson Street Disc Golf Park   See Map

3824 Johnson Street, High Point
Features: Disc golf course and picnic shelter

Macedonia Park   See Map
306 Wise Avenue, High Point 
Features: Lighted baseball field, playground, picnic shelter, concession/restroom building.    

McCain Park
See Map
1200 East Lexington Avenue, High Point

Features: Picnic area, two unlighted tennis courts, and Greenway access

Meredith & Furlough Street   See Map
700 Meredith Street
Features: Basketball court 

Mohawk Park   See Map Fisherman at sunrise at Oak Hollow Park Marina
600 Parkwood Avenue, High Point
Features: Two unlighted tennis courts, and playground.

Morehead Recreation Center & Park    See Map
101 Price Street, High Point
Features: Recreation Center, 2 shuffleboard courts, 2 multipurpose athletic fields,
4 horseshoe pits, playground   

Oak Hollow Park   See Map
3400 N. Centennial Avenue, High Point 336-883-3494
Features: Marina, Tennis Center, Campground, Festival Park, North Overlook, Golf Course, playground

Oakview Recreation Center & Park   See Map
503 James Road, High Point
Features:  Recreation Center, lighted baseball and softball fields, lighted multipurpose field, 2 lighted tennis courts, 2 horseshoe pits, bocce court, playground, picnic shelter with grill

Parkside Park   See Map
1400 Blain Street Size: 2.40 acres Features: Playground, basketball court, and unlighted play field.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Pershing Street Park   See Map 
1812 Pershing Street
Features: Playground and play court

Piedmont Environmental Center
  See Map

1220 Penny Road, High Point 336-883-8531
Features: We make environmental education fun for children and adults of all ages.  We have eleven miles of hiking trails, preserved and protected for your education and enjoyment.

Southside Recreation Center & Park See Map
401 Taylor Avenue, High Point 336-883-3504
Features: Recreation Center, playground, 2 picnic shelters, 2 basketball courts, splashpad

Triangle Park  
See Map

500 Colonial Drive, High Point 
Features: Playground 
Washington Street Park Playground
Walnut & Commerce Street  
See Map
421 Walnut Street, High Point 
Features: Playground  

Washington Street Park  
See Map
738 Washington Street, High Point
Features: Playground

Washington Terrace Park & Community Center
  See Map

101 Gordon Street, High Point 336-883-8599
Features: Community building, 2 playgrounds, swimming pool, lighted 300' softball field, play field, 6 picnic shelters, nature trail, 2 basketball courts, 3 tennis courts, 6 horseshoe pits, fitness station, bandstand/stage.

West End Park   See Map
1701 Edgewood Drive, High Point
Features: Three multipurpose fields, restrooms, concession building, storage building and small playground.

Windley Street   See Map
Corner of Windley and Olivia Place, High Point
Features: Playground

Park Watch
This program is designed to insure the preservation and safety of our parks by soliciting help from citizens to watch the parks in their neighborhoods.  To report an emergency, please call 911.  To report a non-emergency, call 336-883-3514 during the hours of 7:00am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday, after 3:30pm and on weekends call our Customer Service Department at 336-883-3111 or the after hours Park Ranger number at 336-883-3224.

Thank you for helping to keep our parks safe for everyone.

High Point Parks & Recreation Department
136 Northpoint Avenue • High Point, NC 27262 • (336) 883-3469 • Fax - (336) 883-8524

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