Have you visited our StoryWalk?

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Have you visited our new StoryWalk®? You can find the beginning near the garden next to the parking lot! 

If you enjoy reading and being outside, check out our new StoryWalk®! It features fun books you can read page-by-page while on a walk. 

We also have lots of fun programs every month! You can find a weekly calendar by clicking here or a monthly calendar by visiting this page.



  • TumbleBooks are free animated E-books for kids.
  • TumbleBooks are created in flash animation.
Click here for TumbleBooks


If you are having trouble entering the site or viewing any of the books or quizzes, make sure you have downloaded the Flash 6 plug-in. You can download it for free. It only takes a few seconds and you will then be able to view the great animation and hear the engaging narration.

Fun Sites of the Month - If you know a young learner who is interested in computer science and coding, but aren't sure where to start, has activities for every skill-level.

CoolMath - CoolMath gives learners a fun way to improve math skills. Learners ages 13 and up can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals, money, and more. Kids between ages 3 and 12 can visit CoolMath4Kids for similar fun.
Crash Course - Crash Course has over 42 educational courses for learners of all ages on topics ranging from history to life skills.
Discovery Kids - Discovery Channel's Kids site has activities, games, and videos about animals and science to combine entertainment with education.
Grammaropolis - Do you know a young learner who is struggling with parts of speech? Grammaropolis has fun, interactive games, videos, and songs for learners ages 6-12 to brush up on the eight parts of speech.
Highlights Kids - Highlights Kids bring the famous magazine online with lots of resources for recipes, jokes, games, activities, and more.
NASA Kids Club - If you love space and astronauts, the NASA Kids Club has videos, lessons, photos from real space missions, and interactive games to bring the fun of space to Earth.
National Gallery of Art Kids - Young artists can create and display an online gallery while learning about the National Gallery of Art's most famous works.
PBS Kids - Popular educational programming channel PBS Kids has a website geared towards ages 2-8 where they can watch videos and play games featuring their favorite characters.
Space Racers - If you enjoy the Space Racers show, you can play educational games and do fun activities with familiar faces.


    If you have suggestions or recommendations for other fun sites for kids ages 4 to 14 years old, email them to us.