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Tumble Book Library has over 1100 titles for grades K-6, and includes our unique animated, talking picture books, read-along chapter books, non-fiction books and videos, curated playlists, as well as books in Spanish and French. Plus, the collection features Graphic Novels – a student favorite!


TumbleMath combines animation, narration, and sound to create a compelling and enticing story book for students of all ages, supplementing teaching of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and so much more.  TumbleMath comes with lessons plan and quizzes!

nc kids

The NC Kids Digital Library is a digital resource sharing service for kids’ pre-K through 4th grade. It provides eBooks, audiobooks, videos and Read-Along titles, as well as titles that can be checked out immediately, without waiting.

LOTE 4 Kids

Languages other than English
Kids can now enjoy 2000+ digital books in over 50+ languages, together with English translations from the comfort of home!  Click this link, in the upper right hand corner type, High Point Public Library, choose which language you would like to learn, and then choose your book!

educate station

Educate Station was developed by experienced and passionate educators from across the United States to fit with North Carolina standards. Educate Station is designed to help support communities by providing quality educational content for children Pre-K through 2nd grade in the following subject areas:

  • English Language Arts
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science
The mail box classroom resources pre-k to 6th grade

With The Mailbox® you have access to this trusted classroom and activity resource. Make learning fun while teaching core skills with thousands of worksheets, crafts, forms, songs, games, graphic organizers, patterns, clip art, cards, and more for prekindergarten to grade 6. All content is created by teachers for teachers and is editor-reviewed, and new content is added regularly.

Just for Kids Access Video on Demand

The Just for Kids Streaming Video Collection includes clips from thousands of fun and informative video and audio titles on topics including music and arts, animals, sports and hobbies, math and science, history, reading, and much more, plus hundreds of educational interactives—kid-safe, ad-free, and perfect for children’s programs.

hoopla binge pass with two movie tickets

Interactive stories, videos, songs, and so much more for kids are just a click away with a Hoopla Binge Pass.  Choose which Binge Pass you want to borrow and get unlimited streaming access for seven days!


world book kids

World Book Kids Grades K+

world book student 1

World Book Students Grades 5+

worldbook timelines 1

World Book TimeLines

wolrdbook spanish 1

World Book Spanish

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  7. Fifth Grade
  8. Middle School

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