Information Technology Services

The City of High Point’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Department is composed of three major groups providing multifaceted service both to internal users as well as public entities. Our goal is to use a high degree of innovative thinking to provide the highest level of service.

Radio Service Division
Our Radio Services Division provides a reliable and indispensable communications platform for the City’s Public Safety groups in addition to other municipal departments. Having a solid mobile communications platform keeps the rest of the enterprise operating smoothly but more importantly, keeps the public safe. This group is also responsible for outfitting vehicles with computer and GPS equipment.

911 Division
The 911 Division provides some of the highest levels of 911 services to the community. Our 911 center is a model for other municipalities and is used as a demonstration for visiting municipalities from around the world. We dispatch Fire and Police units from the communications center.

Information Technology Service Division
Our IT Services Division provides an array of information technology solutions to solve internal business needs; the Web and GIS groups additionally provide informational services to external customers. We strive to become one of the premier IT organizations in the public sector, known for innovative and dependable solutions.