Electric Utilities

The City of High Point Electric Utilities Department was founded in 1893, over thirty years before the local investor-owned utilities and co-operatives in our state. We have close to 700 miles of circuits and 14 substations that serve close to 40,000 customers. The city of High Point Electric Utility Department, led, by our electric director Garey Edwards, is fully committed to providing our customers, the citizens of High Point, with reliable, affordable power. Our department is completely funded through sales of electric power, and no tax revenues are used to support the department.

Reliable Public Power Provider

In 2006, The City of High Point Electric Utilities Department was one of the first cities in the country to be certified by the American Public Power Association as a Reliable Public Power Provider. To achieve certification, members must provide information showing system performance and reliability data, capital expenditures, employee training, and safety. High Point was one of 40 APPA members, out of more than 2000, to achieve this prestigious award. In 2008 the Department achieved diamond status, and is still one of only 82 utilities to be certified.

Commitment to Reliability

Our commitment to reliability is well demonstrated by our outage statistics. Our Average System Availability Index (ASAI) was 99.981% for 2021. ASAI is used as a benchmark to show the percent of time that power is available to an average customer. The average City of High Point customer has an interruption in power  once a year. If the power does go off, the average time to restore power to that customer is around 90 minutes, as compared to a national average of over 2 hours. All of our reliability index numbers are some of the best in the US.

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