Standards of Service

New Electrical Service

If all equipment is available, the department will connect new or transferring customers on the same day they request service. If equipment must be installed, the department will complete the work within one week of the customer's request.

Restoration of Electrical Service

The department will restore electrical service lost due to failure of a single piece of equipment within three hours. Service to areas with fewer than three residential customers will be restored within four hours.

Temporary Removal/Reconnection of Service

Within 4 hours of notification, the department will temporarily remove or reconnect electrical service.

Service Options

Customers will be given information about levels of service available, such as underground versus overhead lines. If customers request service options which are more expensive or are different from those recommended be the department, they must pay the additional cost and/or assume liability for those services.

Repair of Rented Area Lights & Street Lights

Rented lights will be repaired within two working days after customers notify the department of problems. Street lights will be repaired within five working days.

Relocation of Poles & Underground Lines

If a city electric customer's development plans require moving utility poles, the department will relocate the poles to the nearest property line at no charge. Customers will be required to pay for additional pole relocation based on the net cost of the facilities depreciated over five years.

The customer will be required to pay actual cost of relocating underground lines.

Locating Underground Lines

The department will locate underground lines within one working day of receiving the request. Emergency requests will be answered immediately.

Credit Policies

Customers who have legitimate financial hardships and cannot pay their utility bills on time will be given reasonable extensions.