Bulb Types & Light Repair

Bulb Types

The city no longer uses Mercury Vapor bulbs, therefore all new lighting installations include High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Metal Halide bulbs are also available for Flood and Shoebox lighting and can be ordered in fixtures requiring 1000 watts. Restrictions for 1000 watts may apply for particular city areas due to lighting ordinances. High Pressure Sodium gives the yellowish amber color and the Metal Halide provides a white lumen appearance. 

The city is now proud to offer several new LED lights. These lights will replace our 100W area light, our street lights, our architectural lights, and our Town and Country lights. They are for NEW INSTALLATIONS ONLY. If your corresponding light breaks we will replace it with the new LED light. The new LED light prices will remain the same as the price you are currently paying.

Light Repair

Rented lights will be repaired within 2 working days after customers notify the department of problems. Street lights will be repaired within 5 working days.