Animal Control

The High Point Police Department has 3 employees who serve as Animal Control Officers. These 3 individuals are not sworn police officers, but they are responsible for animal control related calls for service and they do enforce animal related ordinances and laws. Both employees received a vast amount of training in regards to handling and evaluating the condition of various animals. They are very versed on city ordinances and county and state laws dealing with animals. They investigate accusations of animal abuse and mistreatment, they follow up on animal bite calls and they help to generally ensure animals are well cared for and that they are not a danger to our citizens. Additionally, they routinely help with public presentations and they work with other organizations to provide rabies clinics and other public service activities.
Animal Control Personnel
These 3 officers are provided specially designed trucks which are used to transport injured, captured or seized animals as is required and they are provided with specialty equipment such as catch poles and tranquilizer guns which help to ensure animals are treated as humanely as possible.


The 3 Animal Control officers are responsible for overseeing one of the highest numbers of calls for service that are received by the Police Department on an annual basis. They generally work day time hours Monday through Friday and they are supported by patrol officers on calls that occur after hours and on weekends. Animal related concerns should be relayed to police communications for dispatch at 336-883-3224.