Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)

reviews transportation plans and programs and makes recommendations to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). This committee also helps develop the long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), which identifies transportation facilities needed over the next 20 years and associated funding sources. The TCC also reviews and provides comments on plans such as the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP), the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), and the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).


 are held at 2:00 PM on the 3rd Tuesday each month in the High Point City Hall 3rd Floor Conference Room (211 S. Hamilton Street, High Point). 

Agendas & Minutes

View current and previous agendas and minutes.

TCC Membership Roster

City of Archdale  Jason Miller 
(Planning Director)
City of High Point Angela Wynes
(High Point Transit System Manager)
City of High Point Sushil Nepal
(Planning & Development Director)
City of High Point  Greg Venable
(Transportation Director)
City of High Point Andrew Edmonds
(Transportation Planning Administrator)
City of Lexington Roger Jones
City of Thomasville  vacant
City of Thomasville Chuck George
(Planning Director)
City of Trinity Stevie Cox
(City Manager)

City of Winston-Salem
Chris Murphy
(Director City/County Planning)
Town of Denton Angel Jenkins
(Town Manager)
Town of Jamestown Matthew Johnson
(Town Manager)
Town of Wallburg  Donna Alwine
(Town Clerk)
Davidson County  Scott Leonard
(Planning Director)
Guilford County J. Leslie Bell
(Planning & Development Director)
Randolph County vacant
FHWA Suzette Morales
(Planning & Environment Specialist)
NCDOT - Integrated Mobility Division Ryan Brumfield
NCDOT - Transportation Planning Division Andy Bailey
(Transportation Planning Division Supervisor)
NCDOT Division 7 Wright Archer
(Division Engineer)
NCDOT Division 8 Patrick Norman
(Division Engineer)
NCDOT Division 9 Pat Ivey 
(Division Engineer)
PART Scott Rhine
(Executive Director)