Training Division


The High Point Fire Department Training Division is comprised of a a Battalion Chief and 2 Fire Training Captains.  The Training Division is dedicated to the educating and training of all fire department personnel. Listed below are just a few items the training division is involved in:  the training of the firefighting recruit academy, all areas of the firefighting disciplines, fire rescue, emergency medical care, fire service leadership, company and chief officer develop, fire apparatus driver operator, and technical rescue disciplines, training curriculum and development, personnel training records and maintenance. 

Tim Layton

Tim Layton began his career with the High Point Fire Department in April of 1997.  He has risen through the ranks of Firefighter to his present position as a Battalion Chief. During his time in the Operations Division, he has been assigned to Engine 1, Quint 4, Ladder 1, Ladder 13, Ladder 4, Squad 4, Battalion 3, and again as the Battalion Chief of Training. He has been assigned to the Technical Rescue Team and has been heavily involved in instructing and teaching fire and rescue classes throughout his tenure at High Point. He has an associate degree in Fire Science Technology, Fire Service Instructor II, Fire Officer II, and many other qualifications and certifications but remains an avid student of the firefighting craft. He is also a retiree from two separate branches of the United States Military with 22 plus years of service assigned to various military commands along the East Coast.

Andrew Hardister

Andrew Hardister began his career with the City of High Point Fire and Rescue in December of 2023.  Andrew comes with 15+ years' experience in the fire service.  Andrew spent most of his career on a Ladder and Rescue Company specializing in Technical Rescue, Water Rescue and Rescue Diver. He brings a long background in residential and commercial construction and equipment operator.  He is certified as a Fire Officer II and Instructor I, Haz Mat Technician, Technical Rescuer, Advanced Ropes Technician, Confined Space Rescue, Structural Collapse Rescue, Vehicle Machinery Rescue, and much more.  Andrew plays a big part in the day-to-day hands-on operations at our fire department training center.  Andrew maintains a huge drive and passion for the job and for the craft.

Stephen Lovette

Stephen Lovette initially began his career with the High Point Fire Department in July of 1997.  Initially assigned to the Operations Division at Station 5.  He was then moved to Station 10 and then Station 3 when he was promoted to Fire Equipment Operator.  Reassigned to the Training Division, he was utilized in that capacity for several years.  Reassigned back to Operations, he was eventually promoted to Captain and again returned to Training Division as a Captain. In April of 2018 he was appointed to the Fire Chief position with Clinton Fire Department in eastern NC.  After serving 5 successful years he decided to come home and was rehired to his old position in the Training Division.


The High Point Fire Department Training Division is comprised of 3 staff dedicated to educating and training all personnel as they become employed with the department and throughout their career. The Training Division delivers all types of fire service training to include NFPA 1410 training drills, sets up specialty training such as Hazmat and Technical Rescue, basic and advanced leadership mentorship, company officer and chief officer development, emergency scene management, training curriculum development and maintenance, and maintaining all training records for personnel. The department has a new state of the art five story training tower with an attached two-story residential structure. This drill tower is equipped with a smoke machine that will provide light to heavy smoke conditions anywhere in the building. It also has a sprinkler system with the Fire Department and standpipe connections. The Training Division strives to provide real-life training in a safe and controlled manner. The Training Staff remains steadfast in being proactive and constantly strives to bring new and inventive training methods and techniques to the members of the department along with the use of new and ever-changing technology. 

Mission/Vision Statement

To provide fire department personnel with education and skills training that are in compliance with the professional standards set forth by State and Federal guidelines so that every member returns home safely at the end of the day.