High Point Strategic Plan

In March 2016, the City Council developed a strategic plan with the initial goals: 

  • Increase the population of active, engaged, entrepreneurial and working young professionals living in High Point by 25% 
  • 100% proactive enforcement of codes
  • Create a downtown catalyst project that produces:
    • 500 private sector jobs 
    • 15-20 new restaurants and shops 
    • 250 additional housing units 
    • A centralized gathering place 

Click the link for the 2016 strategic plan slides document presented during the council's retreat.

The City Council met in February 2020 and added three new short-term goals: 

  • Design a marketing campaign focused on diverse groups, events, and quality of life 
  • Select a target neighborhood and coordinate necessary city departments to implement a holistic strategy 
  • Recruit 50 new office jobs and five new investors for a catalyst project 

In November 2022, the Mayor, City Council, and senior staff held a strategic planning retreat that revisited strategic plan priorities, reflected on the recent successes of High Point, revised existing goals to accommodate community changes, and developed a plan for implementing priorities. Out of this retreat came an updated framework of long-term and short-term goals, as shown below: