Links to Neighborhood Associations

  1. Burns Hill

    In April, 2006 the R. C. Baldwin Neighborhood Association was organized because six dedicated residents became fed up with the quality of life in their community.

  2. Cedrow

    The Cedrow Residents' Association was organized on May 17, 2009 because several former and current residents recognized a need for unity.

  3. Five Points

    The Five Points Community Pride Association focuses on building a strong community with vibrant neighborhoods and businesses.

  4. Highland Mills

    As The Highland Neighborhood Association, we are trying to rebuild trust among neighbors as it once was.

  5. Macedonia

    The Macedonia Neighborhood Association focuses on increasing membership and partnering with Macedonia Family Resource Center to assist with programs to address needs of residents living in the neighborhood.

  1. Oakview

    The Oakview Citizens’ Council strives to heighten neighborhood awareness of crime and drug prevention among residents.

  2. Pershing Street

    The Pershing Street Community Watch meets on a monthly basis to discuss the elimination of crime areas and condemned properties.

  3. Southside

    The Southside Neighborhood Association partners with Family Service of the Piedmont, Fairview Street School, Boys and Girls Club and High Point Parks & Recreation to provide vital services to meet the needs of its residents.

  4. Washington Street

    The Washington Street Neighborhood Association works with local businesses, the High Point Police Department, Community and Neighborhood Development Division, and area churches to eliminate crime, drugs and theft within the area.

  5. West End

    The West End Neighborhood Association works closely with the City of High Point Police Department, the City of High Point Fire Department and High Point Community Against Violence to raise community awareness of drug and crime interventions which will keep households and the neighborhood safer for individuals and families.