Main Street Project

The Main Street Project:

The City of High Point will begin work on a portion of Main Street beginning November 2.  The work will stretch from Parkway Avenue through Westwood Avenue.  We will be upgrading existing aged infrastructure while burying electric and utility lines. The Main Street project will take approximately six months to complete. During this process, the City will shut down this portion of Main Street, however, businesses will remain open and the public will still have access to these locations. While the project is ongoing, however, the flow of traffic will be impacted. We ask motorists to please use the detours provided and be mindful of the safety of work crews in the area.   
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Why is this project taking place?

The City of High Point is replacing existing infrastructure that dates back to the early 1900's. They will work with various companies like Time Warner Cable, North State Communications, Piedmont Natural Gas, and The City of High Point Electric to replace overhead lines and bury them while the underground water and sewer are being replaced. This will help create a more aesthetically pleasing area that will become a destination for both new and existing business as well as the surrounding community.  

​How long will this project last? 

This project will take approximately six months to complete.  During this time period, the City of High Point will close all lanes of traffic on Main Street from Westwood to Sunset.  We ask that you plan your route according to the detours provided.  

Will I be able to get to the local businesses that run along Main Street? 

The City will maintain access to the business that run along this stretch of the project. Main Street will be shut down through this section, however, the City will provide access to those business who's entrances are only accessible from Main Street.  We will work with each business to create the least amount of impact to each location. Please visit Shop Main Street to see the impacted businesses.  We encourage you to continue the support of the effected businesses during this project. 

Where can I get some information about the Main Street Project? 

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Scott Dingus, Main Street Project Engineer,  at (336) 883-3203 or email or Ryan Ferguson, Marketing Manager, Communications and Public Engagement, at (336) 883-3288 or

​Weekly Updates

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Piedmont Natural Gas has started work on gas lines for the upcoming Main Street project.  Parkway is closed from Main St to Johnson St through next Thursday 7/14. They have two open holes on the North side of Parkway that have to remain open until next week. Next week they will continue with the directional drilling along north Main St. The plan is that they will finish their work on Parkway by next Thursday and then the following Monday they will begin to close Montlieu for continued work.

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Change Order - North Main Street Underground Utilities: Council is requested to direct staff on how to move forward with Change Order No. 1 to the Yates Construction Contract for construction of the North Main Underground Utilities Project. Approval of contract will result in the reduction of the Yates Contract in the amount of $246,250.00

Council has approved the Change Order. 
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Yates Construction has started to place detour signage around the Main St area where construction will take place.  They have cut the access points to the local business that needed an entrance into their business. They are preparing to close Main St tomorrow morning to begin bringing equipment into the area. 
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Flow of Traffic

  •  All of the sanitary sewer lines were completed as of yesterday with the exception of the line to the final manhole crossing Parkway Avenue. This will require a special one-to-two-day detour at Farriss Avenue for right turns. All trucks would be required to turn left onto Parkway Avenue. The date for this detour has not been set at this time. 
  •  The HPDOT installed eight additional business wayfinding signs on the traffic barricades at each end of the project.


  • Crews are approximately 70% complete with laying pavement over the newly placed sanitary sewer lines.
  • Material for the 16" water line will be delivered to the site today, and construction will begin at Westwood Avenue at the end of this week or beginning of next week at the latest.
  • Crews are able to install approximately 100 linear feet per day of the underground duct bank system. After they have completed a vault to vault connection the electric department along with other utilities will begin pulling wires in the completed lines to further expedite the project. 
  • Water trucks continue to be utilized as needed to minimize dust as much as possible. 


  • Crews have been working diligently Monday through Saturday each week of the project and have only missed three hours of working time due to weather. 
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  • The 16" water line was tied in at Westwood Avenue on Saturday, December 31, 2016, and the water line was installed across the intersection of Parkway Avenue on Thursday, January 5. A hydrant will be installed to test, chlorinate and check the integrity of the line. This work and temporary closure of the Parkway Avenue intersection should be completed by Friday, January 6.
  • The duct bank work has been laid to Ray Street at the large termination switch. The entire duct bank system is roughly 60% complete, and most of the major lines have been installed. 
  • The 8" water line began last week and should be completed within the next nine days, weather permitting. This will be the last of the major main lines, and we will begin the bacteriological and chlorination testing and service line tie-overs. 
  • The next major operation after these lines and systems are completed will be the roadway milling, grade adjustments and overlay and crosswalk installations.

Flow of Traffic

  • Piedmont Natural Gas will require a shut down of the Westwood and Parkway intersections when they connect their new gas main and place it into service. The eastbound Westwood Avenue intersection will be closed Monday, January 9 through Wednesday, January 11, and the eastbound Parkway Avenue intersection will be closed Tuesday, January 10 and Wednesday, January 11. Both intersections will reopen on Thursday, January 12. 


  • Yates Construction continues to exceed expectations with construction progress as well as anticipating and resolving potential problems before they arise.
  • Crews took off Monday, January 2 in observance of the New Year holiday. On Tuesday, January 3, crews worked four hours due to the rain and wet conditions. The Contractor plans to work the rest of this week through Saturday, weather permitting. 
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  • Duct bank work on the side streets is ongoing - Ray Street is complete, and crews are working on Montlieu Avenue now. Crews are still working on the perpendicular cross lines and installing the required access boxes for all of the different utilities and the transformer boxes.
  • The 16" water line is in service, and service connections are also complete. 
  • The new 8" water line has been filled. All testing is complete, and service tie-ins are approximately 25% done. 
  • Once service tie-ins are done, a final tie-in will be made at Parkway Avenue for the water lines. This connection will likely take two to three days to complete, and will require a traffic interruption.
  • As portions of the duct bank are completed, the utility companies will begin pulling their new lines through the new duct bank, which will be a major coordination effort.
  • Construction progress is still very favorable to date.
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  • The milling crew should be done on all of N. Main today. Montlieu and Sunset will be milled and paved after the Spring Furniture Market due to duct line installation that has yet to be completed. Yates will work on those streets during and/or after N. Main is being paved and is open back up to traffic. 
  • The contractor is adjusting manhole water valve boxes and electric duct bank structures for the final paving to occur. The plan is to finish these by April 3.
  • The paving contractor plans to come in on Tuesday, April 4 and begin the paving of N. Main, Ray, Parkway and the N. Main/Westwood intersection. There will be flaggers and signage as well as possibly short closures on those streets, but access will remain open to all businesses.
  • A pavement striping crew will come after the pavement is placed and mark the lanes for traffic.
  1. UPDATE 5/19/2017


  • Connections are being made on the main feeder cables from Ray Street to the N. Main Street/Sunset Avenue manhole and switch location. 
  • Sub-feed cables have been installed for Kangaroo Express (at Montlieu Ave and Main Street) and for Pizza Hut. 
  • The pad-mounted transformer has also been set for Kangaroo Express, and crews are beginning to install other sub-feed cables.