VITA Volunteer Resources

All VITA volunteers must certify, at a minimum, in the Volunteer Standards of Conduct. This 10-question test covers basic program ethics including protecting taxpayer information and volunteer conduct.

VITA volunteers that wish to prepare tax returns must certify in tax law. The IRS provides tax law training and the certification test online at This website offers training modules and a practice lab environment that simulates the software used at the VITA sites called Taxslayer.

Types of VITA Volunteers

  • GREETERS (Does not require tax law certification)


Volunteer Standards of Conduct

Volunteers are also required to certify that they:

  • Will not accept payment or solicit donations for federal or state tax return preparation.
  • Will not solicit business from taxpayers you assist or use the knowledge you gain about them for any personal benefit for yourself or any other specific individual. 
  • Will not knowingly prepare false returns.
  • VITA volunteers will not engage in criminal or dishonest conduct that could have a negative effect on the VITA program. 
  • VITA volunteers will treat all taxpayers in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner. 


Site-specific requirements and procedures:

Arrive at the required start time.
Ask questions and alert.
Site Coordinator of any problems.
Be sensitive with personal information.