False Alarm Reduction Program

The City of High Point has implemented a new process for residents and businesses designed to reduce false burglary alarms. On December 5, 2016, the High Point City Council amended the City's Burglary and Robbery Alarm Ordinance. Key changes include:
  • The registration fee has changed from a one-time $15 fee to a yearly $10 fee
  • New alarm permits will now be valid for a permit year, one full year from the date of the renewal. Previously, permits were only valid for the calendar year, regardless of registration date.
In addition, the False Alarm Reduction Program will be administered through Cry Wolf Services. This change will make it easier for users to update contact information and provide them with the ability to access their accounts online and monitor alarm activation, fees, fines and payment, as well as help simplify the renewal process. The service also provides officers and dispatchers with current information including alarm status, alarm system contacts, false alarm history and unique alarm site conditions, i.e. senior in building or guns on premises. 

The False Alarm Reduction Program was initially put in place in 1992 in order to address the problem of repeat false burglary or panic alarms at both business and residential locations which required constant police presence. The calls for service became time consuming and detracted officers from other valid patrol efforts. While repeat false alarms at the same location have decreased over the years, in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, High Point Police officers responded to 5,149 business or residential alarms, with approximately 50% being identified as false alarms. Most of these appear to have been caused by operator error or through equipment malfunctions. 

All alarm owners are asked to log in at Cry Wolf Services and renew their alarm permits or apply for a new permit for an unregistered alarm. Failure to renew or register an alarm can result in a $100 civil penalty, as all burglary alarms are required to have a valid permit for operation. The site also provides tips and suggestions for preventing false alarms. Alarm owners can also call 855.809.2055 to register. 

Through this new process, the High Point Police Department hopes to continue to improve upon its goal of reducing false alarms, and through an accurate permitting process, it hopes to improve upon the ability to contact alarm owners during valid alarm responses.

For registration or technical questions, residents should contact Cry Wolf Services at 855.809.2055. For all other questions, please contact Customer Service at 336.883.3111.