Library Plaza Project

Site Plan for library plaza project

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What does this project involve?

  • Creating gathering spaces for concerts, festivals, and City of High Point events.
  • Parking lot redesign with architectural flare and trees.
  • Covered market stalls to accommodate 20 vendors.
  • Seating areas with flowers and landscaping.
  • An electric car charging station.
  • Future electric infrastructure to accommodate food trucks, concerts, outdoor movie nights and more.
  • Fruit trees and additional teaching gardens.

How will we approach Phase 2?

Phase 2 of the library plaza project will be broken up into 3 sections. Each section will take approximately 90 days to complete.  


Back parking Lot. (Orange)


Farmers market and Main Street entrance. (Blue)


Elm Street entrance and book-drop. (Purple)


Progress Updates:

  1. October 2

Monday, October 2, the Main St exit closest to the building will close. Work will begin on removing pavement, grading, and eventually new curb and gutter.

There will be a path installed this week that will allow customers to park in the two new lots that have just been paved. (They will be stripped and this path installed by Friday, September 29th.) This work will take approximately two weeks.

On October 16th, we will close the other side closest to the building, which will go from the front doors, over to Elm Street. This will close all access close to the building, except for the previously mentioned path that will bring people from the lots to the front door. Customers can pull into the lot on both Main and Elm, but it will be down by Krispy Kreme and the law offices.