Educational attainment, or highest level of education completed, for High Point residents 25 years and over has been improving. From 1990 to 2010, the number of people with less than a high school diploma was cut by more than half, and those with a bachelor’s degree more than doubled.

Education - 1990
Education - 2010
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Health Care

Most health data is compiled by county, not city, but the average life expectancy for an individual born in Guilford County in 2014-2016 was 78.7 years.  This compares to a life expectancy of 75.2 years in 1990-1992.  As shown in the following table, which includes all four counties in which High Point is located, life expectancy is generally higher for women than for men, and higher for whites than for African-Americans.

Health Care - Life Expectancy table
Additional Resources:
  • High Point Regional UNC Health Care: the primary hospital serving the High Point area
  • UNC Sheps Center: provides reports on the number of health care professionals and hospital beds and nursing facilities within the four counties in which High Point is located
  • N.C. Center for Health Statistics: state agency that provides health statistics, including the number of births and deaths
  • American FactFinder: U.S. Census Bureau website where a variety of information can be accessed, including health insurance coverage.