Information about the city’s transportation network and future projects is available from a variety of local and state resources.

Transportation - Street Map

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Additional Resources:

Public Safety

Public Safety - Fire and Police

The Fire Dept. can provide information about the number of existing and planned fire stations, the number of fire engines and other equipment, the number of fire fighters, and the number of emergency calls for fire and medical assistance. They can also provide information about emergency management and disaster preparedness.

The Police Dept. can provide information about existing and planned police facilities, the number of police cruisers and other equipment, and the number of emergency calls to police. They also maintain a database of reported incidents on the Police to Citizen (P2C) website and can illustrate crime rates for the entire city or by areas defined by the department.

  • The Public Services Dept. can provide information on existing and planned water and sewer utilities and solid waste facilities. It also approves new fire hydrants and has information on the most recent hydrants added to the system.