Stadium Street Project

The Stadium Street Project: 

As the City of High Point prepares for new downtown development, portions of N. Elm Street, Lindsay Street, Pine Street and English Road will receive underground utility improvements.  


Lindsay Street Updates:

  1. 3/27/19
  2. 4/4/2019
  3. 4/11/2019
  4. 4/17/2019
  5. 4/24/2019

Lindsay Street will tentatively have work begin work April  1.  The construction will begin between Gatewood and Ferndale and will be the 1st of 3 phases.  The project will move southbound between Gatewood and English.  Detour maps and routes will be provided. 

  1. 5/1/2019
  2. 5/8/2019
  3. 5/15/2019

This week, Garney completed the sewer main and services. Next, they'll pave the asphalt, lay the concrete curb and sidewalk and working on cleaning up, seeding and restoration. Lindsay remains closed to through traffic from Ferndale to English, but Ferndale should be reopened by the end of business on Friday, May 3.

Elm Street Updates:

  1. 2/27/2019
  2. 3/6/2019
  3. 3/14/2019
Crews have continued to install storm and sewer lines toward English, and finished the 6" tie in at Church Avenue to the new 12" water line. Electric crews have completed the duct bank up to Church Avenue, and have installed two 5x5 boxes for wire pulls. Electric will keep moving toward English and plan on making their connection up Church Avenue next week. Contracting crews will keep installing sewer toward English, and finish the storm line. Weather depending, they'll finish paving through the Church intersection next week.