Stadium Streets Project

The Stadium Streets Project: 

As the City of High Point prepares for new downtown development, portions of N. Elm Street, Lindsay Street, Pine Street and English Road will receive underground utility improvements.  

english street detours map

English Street Updates:

  1. 7/29/19
  2. 8/2/19
  3. 8/7/8
  4. 8/15/19

English Road will be fully shut down between Elm Street and Lindsay Street beginning early Monday morning, July 29 to update underground utility infrastructure.
The roadway will reopen during the High Point Furniture Market and subsequently closed again until work is completed. The City expects this project to be completed in early 2020.
These underground utility improvements will include water, stormwater, sewer and electrical updates to the over 100-year-old infrastructure. This part of the effort is to revitalize and develop the downtown area surrounding the new BB&T Point stadium. 

  1. 8/22/19
  2. 9/4/19
  3. 9/12/19
  4. 9/18/19

This week, crews completed sewer and water in the Lindsay/English intersection.  They will continue to install sewer down English toward Pine St.

Next week, crews will test sewer and water in the Lindsay/English intersection and continue to install sewer and water down English toward Pine.  We will potentially pave Lindsay/English intersection and open it after it is completed. 

  1. 9/26/19
  2. 10/2/19

Crews have finished the waterline on English.  They will continue to install sewer toward Virginia Place as well as patch and mill English.  

Next week, crews will continue installing sewer, paving English and begin to prep for Fall Market.