Sign Ordinance Rewrite Project

Last Updated: 7/19/2019

The City of High Point is Updating the Sign Regulations and we need your input!

In June 2018, City Council approved the hiring of Cooper Consulting Company to assist the City in updating and modernizing the City’s sign regulations.  Although amended, the sign regulations have not been completely rewritten since 1992.  The current Development Ordinance which was rewritten and adopted in 2016 did not include a rewrite of the sign regulations, they were only reformatted to match the rest of the Development Ordinance.

The goals of the rewrite are to create user-friendly regulations through simplified language and graphics to illustrate the regulations wherever possible.  The consultants started their work with a review and assessment of the current regulations and all of text amendments that have been made since 1992.  The consultants started their work with a review of the current regulations, stakeholder group interviews with targeted interest groups in August and October, and they solicited public input through surveys in November and February.

In April, public meetings were held for the consultants to share their initial considerations and observations and provide an opportunity for public feedback prior to drafting the regulations.

The next steps are for the consultants to prepare a public review draft of the new regulations and present them for public feedback.

Public Meetings ScheduledDescription
None scheduled at this time

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Below are links to documents that are related to the project.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign (PPT)Introduction to the sign project
Sign Ordinance PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)April 11, 2019 presentation and initial considerations and observations.
Part 1 - Diagnostic Report: Legal Issues in Regulating Signs (PDF)Part 1 addresses the legal foundation for Constitutionally-appropriate sign regulations, particularly ensuring that in drafting new sign regulations the City does not, inadvertently or otherwise, infringe on its citizens' First Amendment's right to freedom of speech.
Part 2 - Diagnostic Report: Sign Ordinance Analysis (PDF)Part 2 is an in-depth analysis of the City's existing Sign Ordinance as well as other sign provisions found throughout the Development Ordinance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 336-883-3328.