Farmers Market and Teaching Garden Volunteers

​High Point Farmers Market

The High Point Farmers Market is looking for volunteers!

What we typically look for in a Farmers Market Volunteer:

The High Point Farmers Market is looking for strong, young volunteers!

Volunteers will set up and take down tables, tents, and chairs, work with market vendors to load and unload, and complete other tasks as needed. We're looking for volunteers who will consistently attend every Saturday throughout our season.

If you're interested, please complete our volunteer application, and write "Farmers Market" at the top and return your completed application to the Library.

If volunteering or completing your community service at the High Point Farmers Market sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out the application at the bottom of this page and email it to Jo at or drop it off at the library.

High Point Public Library Teaching Garden

The High Point Public Library is looking for a few good Garden Volunteers!

Volunteers will work 1-2 hour shifts, twice a week to assist our staff with
🥕 watering our vegetables and flowerbeds,
🥦 pinching and pruning our flower and vegetable plants,
🌺 collecting dead plants to throw in the trash, and
🥗 harvesting our vegetables when appropriate.

All candidates must enjoy working outside in the summer months and be excited to learn about caring for vegetables and flowers, including how to properly water and weed vegetable beds.

You should also be comfortable working in our garden by yourself or in pairs, and you'll need to be physically able to connect/disconnect the hose reel and to carry a wastebag from the garden to the dumpster.

If this sounds like you, please complete our volunteer application, including marking which days and times you're available to work; then write "Garden" at the top and return your completed application to the Library.