Player Information

The Miracle League of High Point serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 5+ who are not capable of playing in a traditional baseball program. For more information about The Miracle League of High Point and registration dates, please contact ASPIRE staff at 336.883.3483 or email Timpani Troxler at Please note: A parent, guardian or responsible adult will need to be on the premises at all times. 

Miracle League Game Day: Organization of Players

Every Miracle League player receives a baseball jersey and Major League ball cap, along with a volunteer “buddy” to assist them as they play. Players can choose a "nickname" and a favorite song that will be played as they come up to bat.

Each game has two innings; every player bats once each inning. All base runners are safe. Every player scores a run before the inning is over; the last one up hits a home run. Each team and each player win every game in a tie score.

Teams average 10 - 15 players. Games are played on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and each game lasts about one hour. No practice is required; players are asked to arrive 30 minutes before scheduled game time. Every team has a head coach and up to four assistant coaches. Community volunteers serve as "buddies" to assist the players.

Player Liability Waiver (PDF)