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High Point owns & operates it's Recycle Facility & Landfill - We take pride in the upkeep of these facilities and want to give you the best possible services and information.

 High Point - All Accepted

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Electronic Waste Recycling

  • North Carolina has banned all computer equipment and televisions from disposal in landfills.
  • Electronics cannot be placed in curbside carts as they will damage our sorting machinery, but we offer multiple sites for residents to drop them off at no charge. 
  • Electronics eligible for recycling include: Desktop computers, laptops, keyboards, hard drives, battery backups, cell phones, gaming systems, Most battery powered hand tools. 

Styrofoam & Polystyrene Recycling Drop Off Sites:

We now have 4 convenient locations to drop off Styrofoam/Polystyrene & Foam.

They are located at:

  1. Material Recovery Facility (MRF)    5875 Riverdale Drive, Jamestown, NC
  2. Ingleside Compost Facility and Recycle Drop Off Facility           3001 Ingleside Drive, High Point, NC
  3. High Point Public Library   901 N. Main Street High Point, NC
  4. Covenant Church United Methodist Church    1526 Skeet Club Road High Point, NC

Always Drop Off Foam at one of these Locations

Styrofoam Drop Off Trailer

Recycling Drop-Off Sites

  1. Fire Station #1    508 Centennial St. High Point, NC
  2. Fire Station #3    1309 Chestnut St. High Pint, NC
  3. Fire Station #4    930 Old Winston Rd. High Point, NC
  4. Fire Station #5    3828 Johnson St. High Point, NC
  5. Fire Station #7    1116 Gordon St. High Point, NC
  6. Fire Station #8    208 Prospect St.  High Point, NC
  7. Fire Station #9    2707 Triangle Lake Rd. High Point, NC
  8. Fire Station #10   2419 Whites Mill Rd. High Point, NC
  9. Fire Station Headquarters    434 South Elm St. High Point, NC
  10. Fire Station #12     4538 Barrow Rd. High Point, NC 
  11. Ingleside Compost Facility & Recycle Drop Site           3001 Ingleside Dr. High Point, NC 
  12. High Point Facility Maintenance     300 Rotary Dr. High Point, NC
  13. High Point MRF        5875 Riverdale Dr. Jamestown, NC
  14. Kersey Valley Landfill        3940 Kivett Dr. Jamestown, NC 
  15. Fire Station #14           2127 Sandy Ridge Rd. Colfax, NC

Recycling Education & Outreach

Want or Need information:  Please contact Teresa Baker, Recycle Programs Coordinator at  336-807-4817 or 336-883-8706 or Melanie Bruton, MRF Superintendent at

We would be pleased to offer you a tour of our facilities or arrange a presentation at your convenience. Please inform us of your preferred option that would best suit your organization. 

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Missed Collection

 Recycling curbside cart not emptied on your collection day? If so, call Customer Service at 336.883.3111.