Underground Railroad History

As long as there is enslavement, there will always be a number of those with the fervent desire to seek freedom. During the period of slavery in North Carolina, the Underground Railroad offered a way out. Enslaved men, women, and children, with aid from free blacks, abolitionists, and Quakers, would experience a journey fraught with danger, secret codes, hiding places, and hope. Begin your journey exploring the complex history of the Underground Railroad with these resources.

Presentation by Dr. Max Carter and Dr. Adrienne Israel on the History of the Underground Railroad in North Carolina. This event held Jan. 27, 2021 via Zoom was sponsored by the High Point Historical Society and the High Point Museum. 

Resources and Links

Guilford College Library Guilford College currently has restricted access due to pandemic safety protocols. The Quaker Archives is physically closed to visitors. Some limited remote service is available. Email is the best way to reach library staff. 

Mendenhall Homeplace (has a false bottom wagon - it was mentioned in the above video)

Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum

Dismal Swamp State Park 

Underground Railroad Freedom Center

National Park Service Underground Railroad