High Point Urban Farms

High Point Urban Farms

In the Fall of 2016, The Hayden-Harman Foundation acquired several vacant lots within the core of High Point, North Carolina with the vision of flipping these vacant lots into sustainable urban farms. Our 7 urban farms are located within a 1-mile radius and are managed by members of the community. 

Each Urban Farm Leader works closely with Willa Mays, the Urban Farm Facilitator, to design an urban agriculture enterprise, explore avenues to market, and maximize their profitability. If you are interested in becoming an Urban Farm Leader, contact Willa Mays at growinghighpoint@gmail.com or (336) 259-6143


Furlough Farms

Youth Mentorship Garden

In the Summer of 2019, Growing High Point partnered with Urban Farm Leader Andre Davis to formalize an all boys youth mentorship gardening program. Andre spent several weeks taking kids in the neighborhood to learn about gardening from seed to harvest, as well as teaching important life skills. Andre has been invested in educating youth in the neighborhood for several years and is a positive role model to each child he meets. 

Thissell Grow

You may have seen him around High Point with his little Yorkie Dakota. Andre was born and raised in High Point and has been gardening for 9 years. He started working on the Thissell Grow Urban Farm in February 2018 under his enterprise Drozik's Produce. With the help pf our amazing volunteers, he built 18 raised beds and a small greenhouse on Thissell Street.

Greenhouse on Pershing

Iya Chavis was born and raised in High Point and has been gardening from day one. He started working in the The Greenhouse on Pershing in December 2017 and is currently in his second year of growing organic tomatoes. He also has several raised beds with cucumbers, squash, peppers, and kale, and plans to further cultivate the space with other growing techniques. 

Garden in the Hood

High Tunnel

Twin Oaks

Jose is passionate about healing and localizing our food system and has been an advocate for urban farming in High Point for several years. He has been operating Twin Oaks Urban Farm since the Spring of 2018, and channels his passion into each row, evidenced by his thoughtful approach. The Twin Oaks Urban Farm will provide healthy, nutrient dense produce, while providing a green space for the community to interact with nature. 

High Point Hopyard

Meet Patrick Harman, Urban Farm Leader of The High Point Hopyard. Patrick is a High Point native and Director of the Hayden-Harman Foundation. Two years ago, Patrick started his own urban farming enterprise on Park Street, now known as the High Point Hopyard.  Since 2017, the High Point Hopyard has provided fresh hops for Brown Truck Brewery, where it is carefully crafted into their No. 14 IPA.