This page lists published documents created by the Planning and Development Department. For your convenience we have made these publications available free online, but a printed version is also available at our office. Shipping costs will be extra. 

Title Publication Date

Planning Publications

Comprehensive Plans
Community Growth Vision Statement (PDF) 2006
Land Use Plan (PDF) 2000
 Area Plans
Business Interstate 85 Corridor Study (PDF) 1997
Community Facilities (PDF) 2001
Core City Plan (PDF) 2007
Downtown Mixed-Use Area Plan 2017
Eastchester Corridor Plan - Phase I (PDF) 1994
Eastchester Corridor Plan - Phase II (PDF) 1994
Eastchester Corridor Plan - Phase III (PDF) 1994
Eastchester Drive & I-74 Land Use Assessment (PDF)
Hospital Area Development Assessment (PDF) 1996
Jamestown Bypass Land Use Assessment (PDF) 2021
Northeast Davidson Area Plan (PDF) 2002
Northwest Area Plan (PDF) 2011
U.S. 311 Bypass Interchange Study (PDF) 2002
U.S. 311 Bypass Interchange Study Executive Summary (PDF) 2002
Washington Drive District Plan (PDF) 2008
West Wendover Avenue/Guilford College Road (PDF) 1995
Census Table - 2020 (PDF) 2022
Census Analysis - 2010 (PDF) 2012
Population Estimate (PDF) 2022
Population Projections for the City of High Point (PDF) 2016
Annexation Agreement Summary Report (PDF) 2020
Annexation Strategy Report (PDF) 2009
Executive Summaries of Planning Policy Documents (PDF)
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Future Growth Area Study (PDF) 2007