Umo Mobile & Smartcard Faring 

High Point Transit's Umo Mobility platform is an account-based fare collection system. It uses technology to replace the oldUmo 3n1 days of paper magstripe passes or paying with cash on the bus.

Passengers have two options. They can download the Umo Mobility App or purchase a Umo Smartcard. Then they can easily purchase their bus fare and load it into their Umo account through the Umo Mobile App or Online. Once an HPTS pass or Umo Cash has been loaded, the passenger simply scans their Umo Mobile App or taps the Umo Smartcard on the Umo reader in the bus as they board. Umo makes it convenient to purchase a pass, pay your fare, and speed up the boarding process!

One App - One Card - Three Systems!

Umo can also be used on Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA) or Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART).

How Does Umo Work?

The Umo platform is an account-based system. Passengers can set up a personal Umo account that stores their passes or Umo cash.  Then easily and conveniently pay their fare on the bus, track transfers, and monitor their account activity. 

It also eliminates the fear of losing your pass. If you're a Smartcard user and you lose your card, as long as you've created a user account and tied it to your account, we can transfer your funds from one card to another. So make sure to register!

There are three ways to create, register, access, and load your Umo Account.

  1. Umo Mobile App – Download the Umo Mobility App and create/register your account. 
  2. Umo Online – Purchase a Umo Smartcard. Then you can create and register your account online. 
  3. Let Us Help You – Whether you use the Umo Mobile App or Umo Smartcard, you can always contact our Call Center or visit the Broad Ave Terminal. We can register your account, look up your data, and even load your account!

Once your account is created, you can set up alerts to be notified when your Umo Cash is running low or your pass is about to expire. You can even use the auto-load feature, so you're always ready to ride.

Passengers must choose to use either the Umo Mobile App or Smartcard; you can't use both.

Umo has so many benefits, including:

  1. Easy boarding – Just tap your Smartcard or scan your Mobile App QR code on the Umo Reader and wait for the light to board. 
  2. Automatic transfers – Save money while you ride and get free transfers. Transfers are stored in your Umo account and are used automatically when you ride! 
  3. Online purchases – You can buy passes or Umo Cash anywhere, anytime, through your smartphone or online.
  4. Pass protection – As long as you register your account, your passes and stored value are safe, even if you lose your card. 
  5. Automated alerts – Set up your account to send alerts when your pass is nearing expiration or you're running out of stored value.