City-Wide Homebuyer Assistance Program

The City-Wide Homebuyer Assistance Program provides affordable homeownership opportunities for very low-to-moderate income buyers, providing deferred, low-interest loans to reduce out-of-pocket costs for down payment, closing costs, and pre-paid expenses. The program does not include providing assistance with earnest pay/good faith deposits that may be required by a Realtor or current homeowner to hold property. The program requires the homebuyer to receive an approved loan from a participating lender; be income eligible for the program (80% or below the area income median); purchase a home within the City limits; provide $500 of their own funds toward the purchase. The program cannot be used to purchase a home that exceeds 95% of the area median purchase price for a single family home.

City-Wide Homebuyer Assistance shall apply to all properties located outside of the Core City.  This replaces all former tiered programs. The amount shall not exceed a maximum level of $5,000 for a home located within the High Point city limits. Terms include a three-year deferment at 3% interest for 5 years.  Additional incentives may be offered in development enhancement areas.

To download a program brochure, please click here.