Long-Range Plan Policy Audit

Task 2: Anticipated to start in 2022

This task will include a “policy audit” of the City’s long-range plans, including but not limited to the 2000 Land Use Plan, aDepartment Chartrea plans, corridor plans, housing plans, and system plans such as parks and recreation, transportation, and water and sewer plans. The purpose of the audit is to catalogue and assess existing policies for relevancy.  This audit will identify which existing policies should be carried forward, deleted, updated, merged, or redirected to other documents.   The policies that are determined to remain relevant will provide a baseline for the development of the comprehensive plan’s policies and actions.

While staff will be responsible for assembling the policy documents, it is recommended that a consultant be brought in to conduct the policy audit and assessment.  The consultant should be a broad-based consultant team that can complete this task and work with the community for the remainder of the comprehensive plan process.