The City of High Point is committed to sustainable practices that enable us to best serve our community and environment. Through strong relationships with community partners as well as attentive management of utilities, waste, recycling, beautification, stormwater, streets, planning, community development and green spaces, we strive to address the environmental, equity and economic facets of sustainability. We hope to lead by example and empower our residents and visitors to be more sustainable.

Sustainable High Point
Stream Restoration


There are many programs that address environmental sustainability in High Point.  Click the links to learn more:

  • Recycling-  through recycling and solid waste outreach, education and services, recycling and waste services are an important part of our sustainable mission
  • Stormwater- who works to provide citizens with a comprehensive stormwater management program that addresses stormwater pollution and provides timely assistance in making drainage improvements on public and private property based on eligibility and prioritized needs.
  • Beautification-Keep High Point Beautiful addresses litter reduction, flower planting and cultivating community pride
  • Gardens- With urban agriculture, teaching gardens and education our library and local community garden partners address environmental and equitable concerns in our community
  • Library- the High Point Public Library is an amazing resource for environmental and equitable programming that engages deeply with the needs of the community

Economy - Household Income


With an investment in the economy, High Point has the High Point Economic Development Corporation  and their mission is to:

  • Work to retain existing business and industry in the City of High Point
  • Assist local companies in expanding
  • Attract new businesses to locate in High Point
  • Encourage the creation of head-of-household jobs in the High Point / Greensboro / Winston-Salem region


Equity is the focus of ensuring that all people have similar rights and opportunities and access to basic needs to maintain an acceptable quality of life. 


Community and Neighborhood Development Center, 201 Fourth Street
Greenway Entrance

Transportation and Green Space

  • Through a  Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), High Point is able to address many of the facets of sustainability that arise within transportation planning.
  • High Point Parks and Recreation  operates under the mission to enhance the quality of place for residents of all ages and ability levels by providing recreation opportunities, strategic programming and community events that promote strong social bonds, improve health and wellness and celebrate the City's history and character. 
  • The High Point Greenway Master Plan addresses the transportation and greenspace needs  of the community and allows residents within the entire region to take advantage of safe and environmentally friendly transportation options

Our City Our Future


Planning is vital to sustainability and The Planning & Development Department strives to shape a more livable High Point by

  • Facilitating and promoting a shared, comprehensive plan for the development of the community that advances a quality environment, both natural and built;
  • Creating strategies that guide development in a manner that protects and enhances the community; and by
  • Administering services that implement the comprehensive plan and form a safe, sustainable and livable place.