2022 Telecommunicator of the Year

  1. Jonathan Crouse

    Jonathan Crouse

    Master Telecommunicator

    Serving Since 2014

Nomination Submission

"In the nearly 8 years that he has been here, JC has come to work, done his job and went home. At least that is what we all thought. In late December, JC was tasked with the role of 'acting supervisor.' During his time in that role, our team supervisor had to be out for a month. I can honestly say that I have never gone through a month in this department that ran as smoothly as that month did. JC knew that in addition to being 'acting supervisor' while our team supervisor was not in the room, he would be the one responsible for ALL supervisor duties for an entire month. He was not phased by this at all. JC had many instances that required him to interact with leaders of both the Police and Fire Departments. Every time he had an encounter with them, he carried himself with professionalism and positivity. When our center experienced a CAD failure for several hours, while being short-staffed, JC took the reins and guided the team through it all. A few weeks later, there was a complete equipment failure where was lost CAD and radios. He again did not miss a beat and led us through it. JC has always been a hard worker and has always given everything he has to the department and to the citizens. This year though, he has really stood out. He deserves this award."