Streets and Sidewalks

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Burton Avenue

This project will improve capacity, safety, drainage, and street aesthetics. Improvements include enhanced transit stops, additional curb and gutter, turn lanes, and sidewalks.

The total project budget is $5,605,259 and is funded by the following sources:

General Obligation bonds                                            $5,000,000
Bond Premium                                                                      $605,259






Design is completed by High Point Engineering Department. Electric plans allowing Duke Energy to be on High Point Electric poles have been approved by High Point Electric, with a complete project team review underway. Once the assessment is complete, easement description work will be provided to the High Point Right of Way office to begin easement acquisitions. Construction is scheduled for late FY 2023-24.

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Washington Street Realignment

This project will improve the eroding slope threatening the road subgrade, shift the roadway, and stabilize the slope. The existing pedestrian bridges will also be evaluated.

The total project budget is $5,400,000 and is funded by the following sources:


General Obligation Bonds                                 $5,000,000
Two-Thirds Bonds                                                 $    400,000




The construction contract has been approved by City Council. The contractor plans to mobilize in September 2023 and the estimated time for construction is 240 calendar days (8 months). This timeline would yield an anticipated construction completion in May 2024. Currently, overhead utilities are in the process of being relocated. This work will continue simultaneously with the roadway construction project.

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Triangle Lake Road

The Triangle Lake Road Improvements project focuses on an unimproved 1.2-mile segment of Triangle Lake Road. It is a two-lane, ribbon-paved roadway without turn lanes, curb and gutter, sidewalks, or other amenities. The shoulders are narrow and steep, and the road alignment presents vertical and horizontal challenges. The proposed configuration would include the construction of a curb and gutter to improve surface drainage, turn lanes where warranted, the sidewalk on both sides, bicycle lanes, and enhanced transit stops. Roundabouts will replace traditional intersections at Hickory Chapel Road and Baker Road, and utility improvements will upgrade aging water and sewer lines.






Preliminary design complete. Right-of-way, utilities, and roadway construction to follow, probably in FY 2024-25. Currently, Kimley Horn and Associates are working on the project's final design. The project is currently on schedule.

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