Steering Committee

The City of High Point is forming a steering committee of residents, business owners, and community leaders who are interested in helping guide the creation of the city’s long-term growth plan, called “The 2045 Comprehensive Plan: Our City, Our Future, Our Next 20”.   

Applications were accepted through January 6, 2023.  The committee will consist of 16 -22 people who broadly and accurately reflect all recognized geographies in the community. 

The Steering Committee will be responsible for guiding the planning process over the course of approximately 14 months starting in February 2023.  The committee will meet a minimum of 6 times as a group and the members will also be responsible for meeting with their friends and colleagues to gather input on various topics and scenarios. 

As we embark on creating this plan for our community, equity and inclusion of all individuals and groups living and working in the city will be a theme that will be interwoven throughout the process, the creation of the plan, and the implementation of the plan. 

Once adopted, the comprehensive plan will be the source of guidance to ensure that decisions are made in accordance with the goals and objectives established by and for the community to achieve our desired future. 

For more information about the comprehensive plan please see the Comp Plan Webpage.