Organization Structure

The HPMPO consists of planning staff and 2 committees.

Lead Planning Agency (LPA)

The City of High Point Department of Transportation is designated as the Lead Planning Agency (LPA) and is the primary local recipient of planning funds received from USDOT for the High Point Urban Area.

To contact MPO staff, access the staff directory.

Technical Coordinating Committee

The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) is comprised of staff from the member jurisdictions, NCDOT, FHWA, and other agencies that has technical expertise either in transportation or in community development. The TCC helps to assess the feasibility and priority of implementing transportation projects.

Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) governs HPMPO activities. It is made up of elected officials from the member jurisdictions. The Policy Committee is responsible for approving the transportation plans and reports prepared by HPMPO staff. If a plan or report is approved, then MPO staff can begin the implementation process.